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Welcoming Corporate rejections with open arms :) :) :)

Entering into University life, the word ‘Rejection’  becomes a constant companion. It’s like that person in high school, who was the most annoying little shit, but was the only one who stayed through the years and now you’ve sort of accepted their presence in your life. However, just because you have accepted their presence, doesn’t mean they don’t bother you. This so called annoying person continues to blow up some of the best chances for you, be it an opportunity to hang out with the cool kids, or a plan you were hoping would work out, The only reason this person is even alive is because:- 1) Killing is illegal 2) Sometimes just SOMETIMES their presence saves you from things you initially didn’t think you needed saving from.

So before we even make it past the first year of university, we’ve made a lot of memories with our friend, Rejection. Like that university you wanted to get into, the scholarship you were hoping to get, the one person you thought was your soul mate, the course you really wanted to get enrolled in, the first out-of-city trip you wanted to go on, the hangout plan with friends (Even after you gave your parents a two week prior notice) and of course, the rejected debit card.

But despite all our interactions none of these rejections hurt, as much as the first rejection email from that one company you applied to. As the phrase goes “Paeeeir talaay zameen nikal jaati hai”. But here’s what’s most amusing about these emails, apart from the fact that they are very articulately put together, they will start off by making you feel as if you’re Beyoncé or something. Literally, the introduction sounds like something Simon Cowell would say right before he’d push the Golden Buzzer, after your AMAZING BEYOND AMAZING performance. As you read this lovely piece, your eyes widen a little more with every passing second until… come to the part where it says “BUT”, aur phir aap ki ankein tou phatt hi rihi thi, sath kaleeeja bhi phat jaata hai. You read it over and over and over just to make sure and for the initial five minutes you feel numb. (Note: The amount of sugar coating of the words is directly proportional to the size and name of the company)

Despite how much effort you put in for this internship or MT program, whether it was preparation that took a few days or preparation that didn’t take place at all, You probably will play “In the end” by Linkin park on repeat for a particular time period (length Depending on how hard you actually tried and wanted it). At this point regardless of how close you are to your loved ones, you will consider not telling them unless they ask or you just randomly breakdown at the dinner table one day, thinking about it.

After what seems like forever, aap “It’s always darkest before the dawn” ka naaara laga kar, bhoolnay ki koshish kartay ho. Until you get these articulately written letters again..and again and again. What makes it worse is that some of your friends will get in, which is great, but since you can’t make it to these companies to, you start making lists of “Reasons to stay friends” With these people instead, not because you’re jealous or don’t want them to be happy but because witnessing the torture of them trying to console you tends to become unbearable. I mean,STOP! Please! Just be happy for yourself, let’s celebrate YOUR acceptance and my… introduction part, that sounds like an acceptance. Don’t tell me “Awwh I wish you got in too” or “Hey plenty more fish in the sea” I don’t even like fish, or “Bhai tu nai hoga tou kaam per wingman ab kon hoga?” – The only man you need right now is someone who very conveniently screams “Trimmer Laooo” and means it.

But as much as the world hates clichés, Every cloud has a silver lining. You will get super close to people who are sailing the same glorious boat of rejection, Connection itna strong hota hai ke aisa lagta hai unko dunya me aanay se pehlay jantay ho. After countless rejections, and not believing seniors who tell you, “It will all work out” (which you really should listen to because they’ve been passengers of the same boat at some point in life, but we don’t anyways because mauqa bohot naazooq hota hai aur future line per hota hai), you seriously consider initiating a startup with your newly found family member (The person who got the same amount of unfavourable letters as you) or embracing the fact that now, Unemployment is your new best friend.



A dedication to all university students, Who were super excited to start their یونیورسٹی lives, All those who thought their proudest moment in life was getting into university to begin with, all those who came with the ideology of "Aik baaar bas uni me ghus jaye, phir tou life set hojayegei" To the society members, The sporty kids, the over achievers, the under achievers, the 'saal me aik baar nazar aany walay' and everyone in between.

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